F.Y. Diploma Sem II -Topic "Limits " Maths II

F.Y. Diploma Sem II -Topic "Recursion "Programming in C

TYDIP Sem V - "Platform Independence " JAVA lecture | Vidyalankar

Prathamesh Asolkar TYD - (Sem VI) 1st Rank in VIVA Poly (ME).

Vrundali Chitroda TYD - (Sem VI) 1st Rank in Thakur Poly (IF).

Amey More TYD - (Sem VI) 1st Rank in Vivekanand Poly (CO).

Hiresh Joshi TYD - (Sem VI) 2nd Rank in Thakur Poly (CO).

Dhiraj Bhopi TYD - (Sem VI) 2nd Rank in Bharati Vidyapeeth Poly (ME).

Arti Jain TYD - (Sem VI) 3rd Rank in Thakur Poly (IF).

Mahendra Choudhary TYD - (Sem VI) 3rd Rank in Thakur Poly (ME).

Ishad Bhisti TYD - (Sem VI) Agg : 88.35% Thakur Poly.

Amar Chaudhari SYD - (Sem IV) 1st Rank in Shreeram Poly (CE).

Diploma Topper :Abhishek Pande : Maths 100/100

Diploma Topper :Aishwarya Sawant : Maths 100/100

Diploma Topper :Bhushan Warang : Maths 100/100

Diploma Topper : Darshit Nathani : Maths I,II & III 100/100

Diploma Topper : Havan Somaiya : Maths 100/100

1st Ranker TY Diploma ( MSBTE) - Karan Shah

Diploma Topper - Mahendra Choudhari

Diploma Topper - Chinmay Karekar

Various Career Options after Diploma

Diploma Coaching @ Vidyalankar

Diploma(Sem I / Sem III / Sem V) Prize Felicitation Winter 2015

Musical Show @ Diploma Felicitation - Winter 2015 exams

Prof Sanjeev Dwivedi @ Diploma Prize Felicitation - Winter 2015 Exams

Prof Shrikant Velankar @ Diploma Prize Felicitation - Winter 2015 Exams

Special Maths III Batches for Diploma to Degree Students @ Vidyalankar

Diploma to Degree Maths III - Topic "Laplase Transform"

Diploma Topper - Akshata Dalvi

Diploma Topper - Yash Patil

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